Recycled Newspaper Color Pencil (12 pcs per pack)

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- Size: 9.4cm(L) x 1cm(W) x 17.5cm (H)

Each Wildlife Series Colored Pencil Pack contains 12 premium recycled newspaper color pencils. Twelve unique, colorful wildlife designs are showcased in this set.

Red - Parrot   |   Pink - Starfish   |   Orange - Tiger
Yellow - Leopard   |   Green - Turtle   |   Dark Green - Alligator
Blue - Kingfisher   |   Light Blue - Hummingbird
Purple - Marine Fish   |   Light Brown - Snake
Dark Brown - Bear   |   Black - Zebra

Recycled Newspaper Color Pencil (12 pcs per pack)

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O’BON Newspaper Pencil is made of recycled newspaper instead of wood. The pencils are produced with a patented “roll-on” method. There is no space between the graphite and the body, meaning they are much sturdier and harder to break than ordinary wooden pencils.